edify games

Founded in 2016 by Kep Amun in the Detroit suburb of Ferndale, Michigan, Edify Games LLC aims to serve the growing game development community.


Enrichment Through Games

The human brain is a sponge. We learn habits, opinions, and even mannerisms from watching the world around us. So why not games? Why shouldn’t game developers and world creators model the world they want to live in? Why shouldn’t children, teens, and adults immerse themselves in games that teach without teaching?

Founder Kep Amun believes in the power of Games for Social Good. He believes that a game doesn’t have to be “educational” to influence its players. Games can deliver messages, teach values, and influence audiences in ways that make society better.

For decades, the games industry has been fighting the idea that video games “desensitize” their players by exposing them to violence, death, and mayhem. What if instead, a game designer embraced a video game’s ability to change a mind, and a life?

At edify games, gaming is about more than having fun. It is about using this new form of expression to shape the world around us. In small ways, the worlds we create and the plots we write rewire the minds of our players, for the better. We want to reach our audience with more than just mindless fun. We want games to mean something. Stand for something. Do something.

Want to change the world one player at a time? Contact Kep Amun at Edify Games, LLC, to find out what change is coming up on the horizon.